Can I reapply for a TN visa after a refusal?

If you’re a Canadian looking to work temporarily in the United States, you can apply for a TN Visa. A TN Visa is for Canadian Citizens (not permanent residents in Canada) who have a valid job offer with a US employer and a specific skill set relevant to that job. TN VIsa

If your TN visa application has been refused, you can reapply.

Reapply for a TN visa

If you have received notice that your TN visa application has been refused, you can reapply. However, you need to figure out why your TN visa application was denied in the first place. If it was due to circumstances beyond your control, US immigration will still have a copy of your old TN visa application and may just deny the visa again for the same reason.

However, you may have made a mistake or forgotten something in your original TN visa application that can be rectified the second time around.

For example:
Did you make sure to include a copy of your valid job offer with a US employer?
Did you provide proof to US immigration that you have the education and work experience necessary for the job in question?
Is the job on the NAFTA list of specific occupations that are eligible for a TN visa? This list is found here:

Did you provide US immigration with sufficient proof that you would return to Canada after your TN Visa and temporary job was over? This could include information such as asset lists, addresses and information about your family that would prove you’d return to Canada and not overstay your visa.

Whatever the reason for a TN visa denial, contact a licensed immigration lawyer to see if you did anything incorrectly the first time around or forgot an important piece of information when you first applied for a TN visa. You can contact us using the form on the right – we’d be happy to help!

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