Can A Green Card Holder Petition A Spouse to Houston in 2012?

The United States is a wonderful land of opportunity. If you are a United States green card holder and wish to apply for a United States green card for your spouse, you can apply through the family petition immigration stream. Spousal sponsorship

A lawful United States permanent resident, also called a United States green card holder, may be eligible to sponsor a spouse using an I-130 form, or a spousal sponsorship petition. Essentially, you will be sponsoring your spouse for a United States green card of their own.

There are specific requirements for sponsoring a spouse to the United States, including:

The sponsor must earn income that is consistent with 125% or more above the poverty line so that they can prove they can financially support their spouse.

<h2>Procedures for sponsoring a spouse to the United States for US Citizens</h2>

For United States citizens, there are two ways to sponsor a spouse to the United States. If your spouse is outside of the United States, the application will be forwarded to that spouse’s closest United States Consulate.

For the other way, applicants who are already in the United States on visitor visas, work permits or study visas and have married a United States Citizen can apply for an adjustment of status (Using form I-485). Note that this spouse will not be able to leave the United States while the application for adjustment of status is being processed.

Spousal sponsorship cases in the United States are not easy, and can take a number of years. You will want to ensure that your application is flawless and that you are eligible to sponsor your spouse before you begin this lengthy, but rewarding process. Our immigration law firm has handled many spousal sponsorship cases, and we can help you too! Contact one of our licensed immigration attorneys using the form on the right.

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