How to Get a Work Visa for the US from Canada


Applying for a Work Visa for the United States from Canada is not easy. While there are many options for Canadian citizens to work in the United States, note that each type of United States work visa has very strict requirements that you will have to meet. Some of the types of United States work visas available to Canadian citizens include:

Types of work visas for the United States

Some of the types of work visas for the United States include:

The E2 Visa for people who have the capital to invest in an existing United States business or open a new United States business.

The TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican citizens who have an existing offer of temporary employment from a Untied States employer in a specific professional job.

The L1 Visa for people who are being transferred to an existing United States office or a new United States office, branch, affiliate or subsidiary of a foreign company.

What type of work visa for the United States should I get?

The type of United States work visa you should apply for depends on which ones you are eligible for. For example, if you work in a high-level position for a Canadian employer and are being transferred to the US branch of your company, you might qualify for an L1 work visa.

If you are a Canadian citizen and have a temporary offer of employment from a United States employer and are a doctor or lawyer, you might qualify for a TN Visa.

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