I Have a Business Meeting in Canada?


Did you know that if you are a foreign national who needs to visit Canada for a business meeting, you may require a business visitor visa? People who are citizens of many different countries will require a business visitor visa to Canada.

What activities do I need a business visitor visa for?

It is not always clear what kinds of activities necessitate a Canadian work visa and what activities only require a Business Visitor Visa.

Here are some examples of activities that require a business visitor visa to Canada:

1. Buying goods in Canada for a foreign company
2. Dealing with an after sales agreement.
3. Attending a product and sales training conducted by a Canadian parent company or a distributor.
4. Attending a business meeting or conference or conducting site visits to observe.

How do I get a business visitor visa for Canada?

In order to get a business visitor visa for Canada, you must prove that:

1. You have no criminal record or health problem that would make you inadmissible to Canada.
2. You earn your main source of income outside of Canada from a foreign employer.

You will also need several essential documents, including:

The invitation you received from the Canadian organization inviting you to Canada
A letter from your foreign employer showing that you are a full time employee of that company
Proof that you are not coming to Canada to earn income (information about your itinerary, which should include your exit)
A copy of the after-sales agreement, if that is why you are coming to Canada.
A resume that shoes you have the qualifications for training if that is why you are coming to Canada
Proof of your ties to your home country

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