Do I qualify for the CEC?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has laid out very strict requirements for the CEC, or Canadian Experience Class. This is a type of immigration class that allows people with Canadian work experience to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. 

Qualifying for the Canadian Experience Class

To qualify for the Canadian Experience Class, the qualifications include:

1. That you will live outside of Quebec.
2. That you are a temporary foreign worker who has at the very least two years of full-time Canadian work experience or a foreign student that graduated from a Canadian college or university and has one your of full-time work experience.
3. That all of your work experience in Canada was done on the proper legal temporary visa.
4. That you apply for the Canadian Experience Class while you are still working in Canada or no longer than one year after you leave your job and Canada.
5. That you are able to prove you are proficient in one of the official languages by providing a copy of a language test.

What type or work experience qualifies for the CEC?

The Canadian Experience Class immigration stream is strict about what kind of occupations qualify as work experience for the program. using the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC), Skill Types 0 and Skill Levels A and B qualify. These include managerial occupations, professional occupations, technical occupations and skilled trades.

Applicants for the Canadian Experience Class are accepted or denied based on a pass or fail system. The criteria considered along with all of the above will be work experience and language ability. For students, the criteria considered includes the above as well as their education.

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