Canadian green card for US citizens

While it often seems like many people around the world want a United States green card, there are actually record numbers of United States citizens looking to obtain a green card for Canada! Canada doesn’t have an actual “green card”, but rather a permanent resident card. This permanent resident card is basically the same thing as a green card, because it allows a US citizen to live in Canada permanently. 

What is a permanent residency card?

Anyone who has landed in Canada as a permanent resident since 2002 has been automatically given a permanent residency card. This card serves as a proof of their status and entitles them to work or live wherever they like in Canada, as well as travel abroad.

People who have permanent resident cards cannot vote or hold office in Canada, but they can receive many of the benefits that Canadian Citizens do. However, unlike Canadian citizens that can still risk having their status revoked and being deported from Canada if they are so commit a major crime, for example.

Maintaining permanent resident status in Canada

It is not that difficult to maintain your permanent resident status in Canada.

First, you must meet the residency obligation of remaining physically present in Canada for two years of every five. In addition, you must renew your permanent resident card every five years before it is due to expire.

While it is not that difficult to maintain your permanent resident status in Canada, problems can still arise. If you suspect that you will not be able to renew your permanent resident card, please contact our immigration law firm for assistance.

If you are an American citizen who wants to live in Canada, look no further than permanent residency. However, these applications are extremely difficult, and may take up to several years to process. It would be awful to wait all of that time and then find you’ve been denied permanent residency status because of an error or omission on your permanent residency application.

Don’t go it alone! We’ve had over 15 years of experience with permanent residency applications. Let us handle yours for the best chance of success with your permanent residency application.

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