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Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, including for people from the United States. Many American citizens choose to relocate to Canada on a temporary or a permanent basis because of our stable economy and high standard of living. However, the immigration process is not easy. Because Canada is such a popular immigration destination, our government has put many rules and restrictions in place and you may need assistance navigating them. 

Immigrate to Canada from Houston

There are two main types of immigration to Canada: temporary residence in Canada and permanent residency in Canada. There are multiple ways to obtain each of these types of immigration to Canada as your end goals, but keep in mind that each type of immigration program has its own requirements and restrictions. You may not be eligible for each type of immigration class, but there is likely at least one that will suit you and your situation.

Temporary residency in Canada: You could apply for a visitor visa, a study permit or a work permit if you are a foreign national and you would like to come to Canada for a temporary stay.

Permanent residency in Canada: Permanent residents live in Canada permanently, and there are many different types of programs offered that you can apply under. Some of these programs include Provincial Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class (which you can use to obtain permanent residency if you are in Canada on a temporary work permit or a study permit), Family or Spousal sponsorship, Investor immigration, business immigration and the Skilled Worker Program, which allows individuals to immigrate to Canada based on their own credentials.

Canadian immigration lawyers serving Houston and surrounding areas

The services of a licensed immigration lawyer can mean the difference between an approval or a denial when it comes to any immigration case. This is because an immigration lawyer has the experience and knowledge to answer any question you may have about an immigration application, such as where you should file, when you should file, how to file, what documents are needed, whether you are missing anything and what to do if you receive a government request. We are here to work on your behalf and give you the best chance for a successful outcome. Contact us using the phone number at the top of this page for assistance – you’ll be glad you did!

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