Apply for an H1B work visa for Houston

If you want to work in the United States and have an existing job offer in Houston, you may want to consider obtaining an H1B work visa. You can’t just work in any occupation on an H1B work visa, but this work visa for the United States may still be a great option for you if you have the right skill level and level of education. 

Work in Houston on an H1B work visa

If you do have the right level of education, and that higher level of education is considered to be the standard level of education required for the job anywhere (not just for your specific United States employer), you can consider applying for an H1B work visa for the United States.

Along with your own application that you will file, you will also need several things from your employer. These include:

1. The employer’s petition, where they file an H1B work visa petition on your behalf with the INS.??2. The employer’s attestation, or Labor Condition Attestation, which is filed with the Department of Labor in the United States. This attests to the fact that the employees are paid the prevailing wage in the geographic region, describes the job in detail, the wages paid and the number of foreign workers the employer has hired among other things.??3. The employer’s prevailing wage determination, filed with the State Employment Security Agency. This determines that the employer is indeed paying the prevailing wage for the occupation in question.

H1B work visa lawyers serving Houston and the surrounding areas

The H1B work visa has a cap, and they are only accepted during certain times once the United States government announces that they are currently being accepted. A licensed immigration lawyer who has experience in dealing with H1B work visa applications can help you figure out when and where you should apply.

Please note that H1B visa applications are not easy, and while you can apply at the United States-Canada border you can also be denied at the border and be forced to pass up your job opportunity. Ensure that you have a licensed immigration lawyer review any documentation you need to bring when you apply for your H1B work visa application for the best likelihood of success.

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