How To Apply For A TN Visa For Houston

A Canadian citizen has many different options when they want to work in the United States. One of these options is the TN visa, which is available exclusively to Canadian citizens and citizens of Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement. This is an ideal visa choice for those who meet the requirements, because applicants do not need to submit their applications visa mail and wait for them to be processed. Instead, they can apply at the border. 

Steps for obtaining a TN visa

1. The main requirement for obtaining a TN visa is that you have a job offer from a United States employer, and that this job you’ve been offered appears on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) list of jobs for a TN visa. Your job offer can’t just be a verbal job offer or implied job offer, you need to have the job offer formatted in a petition for a TN visa. ??2. Along with your petition, you’ll need several supporting documents to demonstrate that you are eligible for a TN visa. These supporting documents may depend on your individual situation, but generally you need to demonstrate that you are qualified for the work you will be doing (with your resume or educational transcripts) and that you will return to Canada once your visa expires, by offering proof of your strong ties to Canada.??3. Have a licensed immigration lawyer review your supporting documents with you as well as your job offer letter to ensure everything is formatted properly. If you don’t, you could risk traveling to the border for nothing because you’ll be denied if anything is out of place. ??4. Travel to the United States border or port of entry when you’re ready to do so, and inform the customs officers that you are wanting to apply for a TN visa. You will undergo an interview while a Treaty Officer determines if you are eligible for the visa.

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