Five Ways To Research An Immigration Representative Before You Hire

Out of all of the immigration lawyers and consultants who are waiting to help you with your immigration case, which one is the best one for you? It can seem overwhelming to try and narrow it down from such a large pool, but it is possible. You have many different tools at your disposal to research immigration lawyers (or attorneys) before you hire them. The immigration attorney that is the best fit for you could just be right around the corner! How to Research an Immigration Lawyer

How to research an immigration attorney

Tip 1: Ask everyone you know if they have recently dealt with an immigration lawyer or attorney. You may very well have co-workers, friends, family members or other people in your life who have dealt with the immigration system and can recommend a good immigration attorney to hire – or tell you which ones you should avoid.

Tip 2: Look online. It is difficult to hide a bad business reputation thanks to the availability of the internet. A simple Google search may bring up all the information you need about a business – including an immigration attorney or immigration law firm – whether the information is great or not so great.

Tip 3: Call up the immigration law firm. You may find out a lot just by speaking with them on the phone. Consider whether they are friendly, whether they sound knowledgeable and how you feel after getting off of the phone with them.

Tip 4: Check out their website. They may post thank you e-mails, letters and testimonials on their website from their past clients, which can also give you an indication as to whether they have previously helped someone who was in the same immigration situation you are.

Tip 5: Read their blog. Are they up to date on the latest visa news, laws and updates? A good immigration attorney will be.

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