Apply for a TN Visa to work in Houston

Many Canadian citizens come to our immigration law firm with the same question: Is it possible for a Canadian citizen to work in the United States? The answer is yes. However, like most foreign nationals a Canadian citizen will still be required to have a legitimate United States work visa or work permit in order to do so. There are many of these types of United States visas available, and one of them is available only for Canadian citizens. That work visa is the TN visa.

TN visas are a special type of visa because the applicant must have a job offer in a very specific type of job. Normally, these jobs are occupations that require higher levels of education than other jobs. In addition, the applicant must have a job offer already in place with a United States employer. Houston immigration

Requirements for a TN visa to work in the United States

In order to be granted a TN visa to work in the United States, you must be able to demonstrate that you have been offered a job in one of the approved occupations that are suitable for a TN visa. In addition, you must have a petition from your employer that you can include in your supporting documents when you apply for one.

Two more significant requirements for this visa are that you are eligible for it, meaning that you have the education and work experience necessary to do the job, and that you have strong ties to Canada. Demonstrating your ties to Canada in the form of assets, employment or close family helps assure the visa officers that you will not overstay your United States visa.

Do you have a job offer and think you are eligible for a TN visa? Please contact us. We can help you!

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