Applying for an H1B work Visa to work in Houston

A foreign national or a Canadian citizen who has been offered a job in Houston may be eligible to apply for an H1B work visa if the applicant and their occupation meets the requirement for this work visa.

Regardless, any foreign national will have to obtain a United States work visa to legally work in the United States in most occupations. The H1B visa is a very specific type of visa, and there is a chance you could qualify for it. However if you do not, there are many other work visa options available for you including the H2B visa among many others. H1B Visa for the United States

Applying for the H1B work visa

Someone who wishes to apply for an H1B work visa must work in a specific type of occupation defined by the United States as a specialty occupation. This means that they must work in an occupation that requires a high level of skill and education, and that everyone who offers this job – not just the employer – requires these high standards of anyone working in this job.

The employer who has offered you a job in the above type of specialty occupation must be willing to pay you the prevailing wage for the job. They are also responsible for filing a prevailing wage determination, an employer’s attestation, and an H1B work visa petition on your behalf.

Once this is all taken care of, you can apply for your H1B work visa at the border if you are a Canadian citizen.

We have helped many Canadian citizens work in the United States on a multitude of work visas for the United States, including the H1B work visa. This can be a great opportunity for you and your family, but only if you are approved. We can help you set yourself up for the best chance of success with your application, contact us today at the number above.

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