Business Meeting in Houston

The city of Houston, Texas, is a rather large hub of international business. And in the global economy and society today, American cities like Houston see many international business travelers every single year.B1 Business visitor visa business meeting

If you are a Canadian citizen or another type of foreign national it might be necessary for you to obtain a visa before you enter the United States. Even if you are not working in the United States, people who are conducting business can apply for special visas called business visitor visas.

The business visitor visa for the United States is also called the B1 visa, and this visa can be applied for at the border if you are a Canadian citizen.

What is a business visitor visa for?

Someone who needs to enter the United States to negotiate a contract, buy property, meet with business associates, attend a business meeting, visit a convention or attend a conference is an example of someone whose purposes for entering the United States would qualify for a B1 visa.

If you are not quite sure whether you require a work permit or a business visitor visa, please contact our immigration law firm. We can assess your case and determine what exact type of visa you require for your travel to the United States, as well as help you apply. Remember, if your application is not done correctly you may run into trouble and even miss the opportunity you had in the United States.

While conveniently available at the US-Canada border for Canadians, keep in mind that B1 business visitor visas are not easy to obtain as you must convince the immigration officials that your reasons for entering the United States are legitimate. If you want to go to the United States for business, please contact our immigration law firm.

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