I might be denied entry to the US

Unless you are a very experienced traveler, you may not realize that for a variety of reasons, people are inadmissible to the United States every single day. Canadian citizens are denied entry to the United States, too. While there is a long list of reasons why some people aren’t allowed to enter the United States, one of the prime reasons is having a criminal record. US Waiver Lawyer

If you have a criminal record of any kind, you should be aware that you could be denied entry. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten into the country previously, or that your criminal record is from a minor offense many years ago – it can still happen.

When it does happen, it can be a very unpleasant situation that could end up being expensive if you’ve wasted money on your travels.

United States waivers of inadmissibility for Canadians

People who are inadmissible to the United States do have option. They may be eligible to apply for a United States waiver of inadmissibility, which will allow them to enter the United States for a short period of time despite being inadmissible.

The waiver application process can take several months, and requires the applicant to provide many different documents about the circumstances surrounding their offense/criminal record, and documents they have to obtain elsewhere like from the RCMP or local courthouse.

The government will then consider your documentation as well as whether or not you pose a risk to society if you’re allowed in, as well as why you want to enter the United States in the first place.

If you have or fear you will be refused entrance to the Untied States, you should speak to a licensed immigration lawyer right away.

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